Best of luck to our committee for 2021 !

Chairperson: Paddy McConnell
Vice Chairperson: Chris Lynch
Secretary: Seamus Davis
Assistant Secretary Kinsella
PRO : Paula Greif
Treasurer: Niall Davis
Assistant Treasurer: Breeda Kinsella and John Grant
Delegate to County Board: Chris Lynch and Manus Tiernan
Irish Language Officer: Jerry O’Grady
Cultural Officer: Jerry O’Grady
Healthy Club Officer: Diarmuid Smith
Registrar: Manus Tiernan
Coaching Officer – TBC

Insurance Officer: Seamus Davis
Safety officer: Manus Tiernan
Children Officer : Sandra Maguire
Players Representative: Marty Mulhall, Jack Grant and Sean Keating
Executive: John Grant, Gerry Kinsella, Damian Traynor, Bobby Swotmann, Paddy Farrelly.
Presidents: Anne Marie Russell, Joey Geraghty, Tony Geraghty, Helen Moran, Paddy Crinion and Pat Hogge.