As a Manager/Mentor/Coach I agree that I should:

  • Be positive during training and games, praise and encourage efforts as well as results
  • Put welfare of young person first, strike a balance between this and winning/result
  • Encourage fair play and treat participants equally
  • Recognise development needs of person ensuring activities are appropriate to the person
  • Plan and prepare appropriately.
  • Involve parents or guardians where possible and inform parents when problems arise
  • Keep records of attendance at training and games.
  • Keep record of any injury and action taken.
  • Keep record pf problem/action/outcomes, if behavioural problems arise.
  • Report any concerns to Chairman and committee of the club.

Where possible I will not:

  • Spend excessive amount of time with a young person away from others.
  • Take training sessions alone
  • Take a young person on a journey alone in a car.

While training young persons I will not:

  • Use any physical force on a child.
  • Exert undue influence over a participant in order to obtain personal benefit or reward
  • Engage in sexually provocative games or allow inappropriate touching of any kind. Will not allow innuendo, flirting, or inappropriate gestures and terms.
  • Take measurements or engage in certain types of fitness testing without the presence of another adult.