1. I will respect the rules and procedures set down by the Bective/Cannistown Juvenile Club.
  2. I will respect my children’s team mates, managers/mentors/coaches and other parents, as well as opposing teams. I will encourage my child to treat players and officials with respect
  3. I will respect all officials and their authority during training and games.
  4. I will never demonstrate threatening or abusive behaviour or use of foul language.
  5. I understand that my child will be required to travel to participate in matches and other club activities.
  6. I understand that photographs or video footage will be taken at times by an accredited person or at club related events and may be used in the promotion of the sport and club.
  7. My child understands the Player Conduct Rules of Bective/Cannistown Juvenile Club and will abide by these rules.

Text Message: I understand that I may be contacted by text message from the club mentors in relation to training, match times and venues for my child and from time to time in relation to club information and notices