As a player of Bective/Cannistown Juvenile Section I am entitled to:

  • Be safe and feel safe.
  • Have fun and experience a sense of enjoyment and fulfilment.
  • Be treated with respect, dignity and sensitivity.
  • Comment and make suggestions in a constructive manner.
  • Participate in games and competitions at levels with which I feel comfortable.
  • Be protected from abuse.
  • Be listened to.

As a player of Bective/Cannistown Juvenile Section I agree to:

  • Play fairly, do my best and enjoy myself.
  • Respect fellow team members regardless of ability, ethnic origin, cultural background or religion.
  • Represent my team, my club and my family with pride and dignity.
  • Respect all coaches, mentors, officials and my opponents.
  • Be gracious in defeat and modest in victory.
  • Inform my coach/mentor/manager when I am unavailable for training and games.
  • Tell my coach/mentor/manager if anybody has harmed me in any way.
  • Take due care of club equipment.

As a player of Bective/Cannistown Juvenile Section I agree not to:

  • Cheat – always play by the rules.
  • Shout at or argue with a game’s official, with my coach, or team mates.
  • Use unfair or bullying tactics to gain advantage or isolate other team mates.
  • Spread rumours.
  • Tell lies about adults or other young people.
  • Use unacceptable language or racial and/or sectarian references
  • Take any photography for use private or otherwise within the grounds of the club or any GAA grounds where the club participates.

Note: Any player who fails to follow these rules may be asked by Mentor/Coach to leave the field.