Match Report – Meade Farm Group IFC Relegation Qtr Final Bective v Oldcastle

Bective went into this relegation quarter final against Oldcastle with injuries ruling out key players and requiring a team reshuffle. Drumbarragh was looking splendid and well stewarded on this very hot and humid Sunday afternoon. Playing with a cross field wind and slight hill advantage Bective hoped to get off to a fast start but Oldcastle opened the scoring with a point on 1 minute. Sean Keating fielded an early ball in front of goal and turned but his shot was blocked out for a 45m which was not converted. Keating had to leave the field through injury and was replaced by Neil Dowdall on 4 minutes. Oldcastle showed plenty of running and pointed three times in the next 7 minutes along with kicking three wides. Marty Mulhall scored from a free kick on 19 minutes after he was fouled. Oldcastle booted wide after a kick out interception created an open goal chance on 23 minutes. Mulhall pointed again after Ciaran Mc Connell was pulled down on 27 minutes. Bective were very fortunate to survive a further Oldcastle goal chance after a loose pass in the Bective defence had to be cleared off the line by Jack Grant. Oldcastle pointed again on 28 minutes and led by three points at half time.


Oldcastle 0 – 5

Bective 0 – 2.

Bective came out with more vigour in the second half and Mulhall pointed from a free kick on 1 minute. Ben Malone left the field with an injury and Chris McGurn came into the Bective defence and used his mobility to good effect. In Bective’s best move Craig Roche, who worked hard throughout, passed to Mathew Cully who found Tristan O’Neill in space and he drove at the Oldcastle backs and blasted to the back of the net on 3 minutes. Oldcastle were quick to respond with points from play in the 4th, 5th, and 12th minutes.  Bective backs were working hard to limit chances with Finn Murray, Neil Dowdall and Luke Heneghan showing great mobility, but conceded a free kick on 16 minutes which was pointed. Pat O’Sullivan came into the Bective forward line.  Mulhall fired over again after O’Neill was fouled on 17 minutes. Oldcastle pointed two more free kicks in the 20th and 25th minutes and looked to have this game under wraps. Mark O’Brien came into the Bective forwards. Kevin Brennan’s usual drive came to the fore again and he moved into an advanced position and took on the Oldcastle defence on 31 minutes and was fouled. He quickly got to his feet surrounded by a handful of Oldcastle players and kicked forward to release a Bective player who blasted to the net. However the ref called back play deeming the Oldcastle players had not retreated the required 13m and the goal was disallowed and the Bective free kick was later cleared. This completed the action for this game and Bective now must gather their forces and face Longwood in the relegation semifinal in two weeks time.

Oldcastle 0 – 11

Bective 1 – 5.

Bective team: Scott O’Sullivan, Jack Grant, Ben Malone, Jarlath Brennan, Finn Murray, Craig Roche, Kevin Brennan, Ciaran Reilly, Mathew Cully, Con Smith, Tristan O’Neill, Marty Mulhall, Sean Keating, Ciaran Mc Connell and Luke Heneghan.


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By paulagreif Fri 15th Sep